theRIVER gathering

unspecifiedIn October 2016 our community hosted its last event together before we moved on from the mid-mountains. This was a project that Tonn in particular had been working towards all year. In a way it well marked the end of our season as a community living together and the beginning of the wandering phase (though some of us will be wandering more than others). And so, it was very fitting to host a wonderful collection of travellers and people who serve the travelling community. This was the third River Gathering, but the first time in Australasia. Eternity News wrote up a wonderful report on the theRiver network and a great video interview with Chinua:

Is travel self-indulgent?


Introducing Neelke

14352090_10210361007083867_2515876035530040653_oWe would like to introduce you to Neelke, our newest community member. Neelke has just arrived from Holland. She is hoping to connect with people involved in backpacker ministries or even just people who have a heart for backpackers. This can take many forms, whether a hostel/guesthouse, a private house, or even an intentional community that shares Jesus with travellers. Neelke travelled here to help Tonn and Hannah develop their ministry here in the Blue Mountains. She is open to pioneering something with others too. If you would like to talk/share/brainstorm ideas with Neelke, she would love to hear from you. Neelke can also share stories from theRIVER international backpacker ministry network. You can email Neelke on:

Iron and Clay Visit

We had a great time with band members from Iron & Clay visiting last week. They were on holidays, but that didn’t stop these travelling minstrels from making some sweet sounds. Friday morning prayer stopped for a coffee break, but then just kept going as the music moved into the foyer. Here’s what Iron & Clay had to say about it all:

IMG_0768Thanks so much for letting us (Katie, Cormarie and Matty) stay with your beautiful community! We hope you guys are truly blessed – that God would do whatever it takes to build His Kingdom in and through your mission, through your outreach, hospitality, and building relationships and lots more! Once again, THANK-YOU!!! We hope to visit again soon, and maybe even join in with the work God is doing inside of schools you have connections with around the Blue Mts! All for the Kingdom! – Love Iron and Clay!!!

To find out more, or to invite Iron & Clay to come and play at your high school, check out their website: or follow them on facebook:


The Flawless Room

One of our first restoration projects this year was replacing a bedroom floor in the West Wing. When we first moved into this part of the property the floor in one of the bedrooms had already been removed due to water damage. The race was on to complete this project before a new baby was born into the community!

Levi helped by installing new footings, and then Tonn, Nathan and Kanan pushed ahead with the installation of the floor and repainting the walls and ceiling, helping us transform the floorless room into the almost flawless room. The guys did a stellar job, and then the original carpet was shampoo vacuumed by Naomi and rolled back out across the new floor. We will search through the archives to find some more before and after pics, but let’s start with these:

Princess Gumball-2232

Princess Gumball-2238

Princess Gumball-2267