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Not all who wander are lost...

Missio Collective: Kihilla Community

In early 2016 six adults and four (nearly five) children formed a community by living together, eating together and praying together. We invited others to join us for daily prayer and shared meals.

When the property we together called home was made unavailable we invited you (our friends) to pray with us as we looked for new places to live, and new places for gathering, rest and encouragement. Those of us who lived together scattered locally at first and now internationally. This group is no longer about us however. We have shared our stories with you and you have shared with us. You have joined us in considering what Christian community is and can be.

This has become a place to swap stories of shared living and missional connections, and to encourage each other to deeper (and deeper) love of our fellow believers.

To stay in touch you can join our online Facebook Community.


Daily Prayer

Princess Gumball-2322 (1)

When we lived together we met here on weekdays for Morning Prayer. Morning Prayer included two Bible Readings; one from the Psalms and one from the New Testament.

We still pray, though from different homes now. You are welcome to send specific prayer requests to: hoihannah@hotmail.com


The Garden

Gum TreeOur original community lived at an historic guesthouse set on a 25 acre property. The site featured old bush trails, a lavender patch, an organic community garden, and an amazing panoramic vista over Hazelbrook and beyond. Tonn and his Bushcare team met regularly with a local Landcare Officer to ensure the property’s native vegetation was protected from weeds. An organic community garden also operated on the property with arguably the best views of any community garden in Australia.

The story of the Bible begins in a garden, and also looks forward to a new garden in a new city. A wonderful children’s book by Kevin DeYoung will take you on a journey through the Bible from the first garden to the ultimate garden: The Biggest Story: How the Snake-Crusher bring us back to the Garden

The Table

teaAs a community we love sharing meals together. If you would like to join us for a meal, or invite us over to your place for a meal, we will probably say yes! If you have any favourite recipes, we would love to try them out.

If you are pondering the spiritual significance of sharing meals, you may like to read “A Meal with Jesus” by Tim Chester.


The Conversation

readingMembers of our community hold to a Biblical Worldview. Our understanding of the world is shaped by the teachings contained in the Bible. The Apostle’s Creed is a good summary of the key teachings of the Bible as it was understood by the first students and disciples of Jesus.

We may not always agree in our understanding of the Bible, but we are committed to continue reading and studying the Bible together with a spirit of humility.

We welcome friends, visitors and guests to explore a biblical worldview with us. Whether you love, hate, or simply haven’t read the Bible yet, we invite you to come and share your ideas and questions with us.

During Winter 2016 we held  Fireside Chats on Thursday Nights. Join our Facebook Community for ongoing online “Fireside Chats”.

The Resting Place

restingplaceCrowds followed Jesus to experience healing and hear his teachings about the Kingdom of God. Jesus often slipped away from the crowds to spend time alone praying. Just as Jesus took time out to pray, it may be that you need some time away from the crowds; a resting place to pray quietly and be refreshed and renewed.

The Blue Mountains is a wonderful place to retreat to. If you would like to discuss how we can support you during your retreat please email Karl.