Iron and Clay Visit

We had a great time with band members from Iron & Clay visiting last week. They were on holidays, but that didn’t stop these travelling minstrels from making some sweet sounds. Friday morning prayer stopped for a coffee break, but then just kept going as the music moved into the foyer. Here’s what Iron & Clay had to say about it all:

IMG_0768Thanks so much for letting us (Katie, Cormarie and Matty) stay with your beautiful community! We hope you guys are truly blessed – that God would do whatever it takes to build His Kingdom in and through your mission, through your outreach, hospitality, and building relationships and lots more! Once again, THANK-YOU!!! We hope to visit again soon, and maybe even join in with the work God is doing inside of schools you have connections with around the Blue Mts! All for the Kingdom! – Love Iron and Clay!!!

To find out more, or to invite Iron & Clay to come and play at your high school, check out their website: or follow them on facebook: