One of our first restoration projects this year was replacing a bedroom floor in the West Wing. When we first moved into this part of the property the floor in one of the bedrooms had already been removed due to water damage. The race was on to complete this project before a new baby was born into the community!

Levi helped by installing new footings, and then Tonn, Nathan and Kanan pushed ahead with the installation of the floor and repainting the walls and ceiling, helping us transform the floorless room into the almost flawless room. The guys did a stellar job, and then the original carpet was shampoo vacuumed by Naomi and rolled back out across the new floor. We will search through the archives to find some more before and after pics, but let’s start with these:

Princess Gumball-2232

Princess Gumball-2238

Princess Gumball-2267

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